Here Are The Honorees For The 2022 Kennedy Center Awards

Here Are The Honorees For The 2022 Kennedy Center Awards

The Kennedy Center For The performing Arts  has announced the honorees for the 2022 Kennedy Center Awards.

The prestigious awards which honors individuals for lifetime artistic achievements, will take place later this year at the Kennedy Center .

ChooseDC wishes to congratulate the following honorees:

  • Gladys Knight – Legendary singer of soul, Gospel, R&B, and pop
  • George Clooney – Actor and filmmaker
  • Amy Grant – Contemporary christian and pop singer-songwriter
  • Tania León – Cuban-born American composer, conductor, and educator
  • BonoThe EdgeAdam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. – Irish rock band U2
For nearly a half-century, the Kennedy Center Honors has represented the very best of America’s creative culture. The Honors is often referred to by past recipients as the pinnacle of awards because it recognizes not just one performance, album, or film, but esteems an artist’s cumulative body of work and influence over many decades. This level of distinction is important. Through this holistic viewpoint, each year’s Honorees add another layer to the complex and inspiring collage of artists that together tell the story of our collective contribution to global culture. Now, as the Center completes its yearlong 50th Anniversary celebration, I cannot help but think that the Kennedy Center’s namesake would surely smile at this celebration that brings us closer to his vision of ‘an America which will reward achievement in the arts as we reward achievement in business or statecraft.

Deborah F. Rutter, Kennedy Center President