Metro Has Upgraded Ridership Data Portal

Metro Has Upgraded Ridership Data Portal

Metro has announced that it has made it easier to keep track of rail and bus ridership recovery by revamping the way it offers data to the public.

According to Metro, the  ridership data portal now includes a combined look at rail and bus ridership, adds no-tap rail ridership to the rail dashboard to track the effectiveness of anti-fare evasion efforts and provides a more complete picture of total ridership. It also includes Metrobus ridership data based on passenger counting devices on board the vehicles to better account for total ridership. All data is downloadable for independent analysis.

The ridership data portal was launched in 2019 to give customers, journalists, jurisdictional staff, researchers, the business community, and other stakeholders access to data about Metro’s ridership patterns. Providing open data also promotes transparency and accountability.

Some of the trends you can look at in the portal include the changing commute patterns (with stronger ridership on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), our growing weekend ridership, ridership on popular holidays like the Fourth of July, and the busiest day in recent Metro history. You can also look at where your home station ranks in ridership among other stations.

Metro is developing a ridership dashboard for MetroAccess in the coming months


Courtesy – WMATA